Act II

Scene oneRaymond’s apartment, New York; a month later. Jocie and Raymond have returned from San Juan where they were married. Marco enters and tells Raymond he must talk with him and they leave. Jocie answers a ringing telephone, but no one is at the other end.

Scene twoA bar, directly after. Marco tells Raymond that the FBI has discovered that they were brainwashed in Korea and that Raymond may be part of a conspiracy. Raymond balks at the news, while Dora the bartender tells a story in the background that culminates in telling someone to play solitaire and soak his head. Raymond yields to the suggestions before Marco shakes him out of it. Raymond then denies that anything is wrong and angrily leaves. When Raymond is gone, Marco shows that he has recorded the entire conversation on a concealed tape recorder.

Scene threeRaymond’s apartment, soon after; Rosie’s apartment, Senator Jordan’s apartment. Raymond is falling apart. The phone rings, he answers, and starts to play solitaire. In Rosie’s apartment, Marco figures out that it is the Queen of Diamonds played in solitaire that triggers Raymond’s receptivity and runs out to find Raymond. In Senator Jordan’s apartment, Jocie and her father celebrate her marriage. Raymond enters and shoots Senator Jordan. Jocie rushes to Raymond and is also shot. Raymond’s younger self appears as Raymond kneels beside Jocie’s body and briefly sobs before running out.

Scene fourRaymond’s apartment, soon after. Eleanor bids Raymond to play solitaire and commands him to infiltrate the convention and shoot the nominee for president, so that Johnny will become the next president of the United States. Eleanor also discloses that she is an agent for the Communist government and that she had no knowledge that her son would be part of the plot when he was abducted. She leaves after kissing Raymond on the mouth. Marco enters with a deck of cards and deprograms Raymond.

Scene fiveA small office near the convention. Marco plays from the tape recorder, revealing the plot to assassinate the nominee. The agents rush to the convention. Marco watches the convention on the monitors and from afar urges Raymond to make sure the three gunshots accomplish what he was re-programmed to do. Rosie enters and refuses to leave Marco’s side.

Scene sixThe stage of the convention. Onstage are the Nominee, his family and Eleanor and Johnny Iselin. Banners wave and patriotic music is played as the Nominee begins his acceptance speech. At the designated moment, shots ring out in the convention hall and pandemonium occurs as Eleanor and Johnny are shot dead. A third shot rings out and Marco confesses to Rosie that Raymond took his own life. They both acknowledge their fear.