Act II

One day in late November. Jack returns to the basement for the boiler’s daily maintenance. Grady appears and encourages Jack to apply the same discipline to his son that Grady meted out to his daughters. He then invites Jack to join him for the masked ball. In the caretaker’s quarters, Danny warns his mother that “they” have gotten to his father. Wendy tries to mitigate his fears. But once Danny is alone, he again calls out for Hallorann.

Jack enters the ballroom where the masked ball is in full swing and orders drinks from Lloyd, the bartender. Onstage, Horace Derwent, Grady, and Lloyd raise their voices in song, soon joined by Mark Torrance and then Jack, before he collapses and the party dissolves. Finding her husband sprawled on the floor, Wendy tries to help him back to their quarters. Jack attempts to strangle her and she renders him unconscious by smashing a bottle over his head; and she and Danny lock him inside the pantry. When Jack comes to and demands to be released, Wendy leaves the kitchen with Danny, taking a large knife with her. Grady enters and helps Jack free himself from the pantry.

In the caretaker’s quarters, Wendy tries to assuage her son’s fears before returning to the kitchen for food. She sees apparitions in the ballroom, but convinces herself that they are not real. Jack suddenly leaps from behind the bar and attacks her with the mallet. Wendy plunges the knife into his back and runs back to the quarters, locking the door. Jack follows her and almost breaks through the door, when Wendy slices his hands with razors that she has retrieved from the bathroom. Grady and Derwent appear to Jack, telling him to dispose of Wendy later, as Hallorann is suddenly approaching the hotel on a Snowcat and must be attended to.

Hallorann enters the hotel. Danny runs toward Hallorann, attempting to warn him, but Jack strikes him with his mallet, rendering him unconscious. Jack corners Danny, but Danny bravely stands up to him, saying, “You are not my father.” Returning momentarily to his senses, Jack begs Danny to run, allowing him to escape. Derwent, Grady, and Lloyd appear, castigating Jack for his failure and warning him that the boiler is about to explode. Hallorann revives, and drives Wendy and Danny away from the hotel in the Snowcat. In the basement, Jack resolves to let his family live; when they are out of harm’s way, he allows the boiler to explode and the entire hotel bursts into flames.

Epilogue: a hotel in Maine; eight months later. Wendy and Danny are staying in a cabin at a hotel in Maine where Hallorann now works as a cook. On his break, Hallorann checks up on Wendy and Danny. While Danny fishes from a pond and his mother looks on, Hallorann urges the boy to be strong and get on with his life and help his mother, despite the tragedy that has befallen them.