Setting: In and around the Overlook Hotel, Colorado, late September to mid-November, 1975.

Jack Torrance has been engaged as winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel in a remote part of the Colorado Rockies and arrives there with his wife, Wendy, and son, Danny, on the last weekend of September, at the end of the hotel’s season. Wendy and Jack welcome the change the hotel will bring to their lives, believing that the experience will bring the family closer together; Jack is also happy that he’ll finally have time to finish his play. The general manager, Stuart Ullman, gives the Torrances a tour of the hotel and touts the history of its famous guests. The family is then introduced to the hotel cook, Dick Hallorann, who shows Wendy and Danny around the kitchen. Ullman privately expresses his concerns to Jack about his personal history, which he has learned includes physical abuse and alcoholism. Jack reassures Ullman that he has conquered his problems and that all will be fine. Bill Watson takes Jack to the basement where he instructs him about boiler maintenance and reveals some stories about the hotel’s nefarious past: a previous caretaker, Delbert Grady, killed his wife and two daughters before taking his own life; another guest, Mrs. Massey, committed suicide in a bathtub after her young lover abandoned her. At the same time outside the hotel, Hallorann confides in Danny that he senses the boy shares a second sight, the “shining,” that Hallorann’s grandmother detected in him as a child. He also tells Danny that fears about the hotel can be controlled—but encourages Danny to call out to him if the Torrance family is in danger. Ullman, Watson, and Hallorann bid the Torrances farewell, leaving the family alone on the porch of the hotel.

One evening a few weeks later in the caretaker’s quarters, Wendy reads Treasure Island to Danny while Jack works on his play. As Danny leaves to brush his teeth before being tucked in, the couple affirms their love for each other. Danny is trapped in the bathroom and once he escapes, appears traumatized, claiming to have had dark visions. Jack tries to shake Danny out of it, but Wendy stops him, revealing that Jack once injured the child. She vows to take Danny to the doctor in town the following day for a check-up. As she tucks Danny in and sings him a lullaby, Jack recalls his own childhood abuse at the hands of his father, Mark. Danny utters a curious message—“redrum”—which Wendy dismisses as a reaction to Treasure Island.

Jack sifts through boxes of memorabilia in the basement a week or so later, finding a scrapbook assembled by “The Manager.” He learns more about the Overlook’s infamous past, including Horace Derwent’s sale of the hotel to the Mafia and a subsequent “hit” that occurred there years later. He also reads about the tragedies of the Grady family and Mrs. Massey. An invitation to a New Year’s Eve masked ball drops from the scrapbook and ignites Jack’s imagination. He vows to tell the hotel’s story. Wendy and Danny return from the doctor where Danny has received a clean bill of health. Disturbed about Jack’s obsession with the Overlook, Wendy requests that they eave immediately, but Jack dismisses the idea.

The first week of November. Wendy is awakened by strange noises, and Danny runs into his parents’ bedroom in a panic. Jack checks the elevator, then the ballroom, where he momentarily hears people and happens on a dog mask and a giant croquet mallet. He is shaken, but composes himself before returning to the quarters to reassure Wendy, who still believes they should leave the hotel.

Danny has approached Room 217 several times in the past weeks, and now, in mid-November, finally enters it with a key. In the hotel office, a ranger on the CB radio warns Jack of an upcoming blizzard. Suddenly, the ranger’s voice becomes that of his father Mark, telling Jack to kill his family. Jack smashes the radio with the mallet. Wendy rushes in and is horrified to learn that Jack has destroyed their only contact with the outside world. Danny is found with his clothes wet, bruises around his neck, and lipstick marks on his face. As Jack rallies to protect his family, the structure of the hotel collapses, and all of its apparitions appear, including Delbert Grady, Mrs. Massey, Horace Derwent, and the guests of the New Year’s Eve party. Danny cries out for Hallorann as snow begins to fall