A masterpiece was born Wednesday night at the Barns of Wolf Trap. Ben Jonson's 399-year-old play "Volpone" took on a new life in the world premiere of an opera of the same name by composer John Musto and librettist Mark Campbell. Campbell 's libretto (deftly trimmed down to two acts from Ben Jonson's five) is frequently brilliant and always accessible.

—Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post

In a world that tends to regard comedies as second-class works of art, "Volpone" stands out not only for its humor but also its brilliant marriage of words and music.

—Tom Huizenga, Washington Post

Campbell's colorful and clever text is almost Sondheim-worthy in its wordplay (some of it a wee bit bawdy). Rossini would have enjoyed setting this libretto.

—Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

Wendy Hill as Corvina