Campbell provides a heavy supply of wit, intellectual humor, and pun-derful wordplay …His more lyrical passages pulse with a natural poetry that keeps the pace moving and the audience interested. Ditto his sense of storytelling and pacing, not to mention providing lots of nice, long vowels for the singers, proving that Italian isn’t the only language that’s opera-friendly.

—Terry Ponick, The Washington Times

I must say that these are as much Campbell's shows as Musto's and Bolcom's. The texts are witty, the lyrics eminently singable and clear from the stage. There's even, here and there, real poetry in them. Having recently read Sondheim's Finishing the Hat -- among other things, a discourse on the art of lyrics -- I can understand why Sondheim's a fan.

—Classical CD Review

Both have clever librettos by Mark Campbell and scores by composers who understand in their bones how to weld voice, words, and wit…

—New York Magazine

The clever librettos, by the ubiquitous Mark Campbell, are springboards that allow both composers to have some easy fun, launching Musto into long, sinuous, intertwining piano lines and Bolcom into a string of adroit musical numbers.

—The Washington Post